Predictive maintenance laboratory

Laboratorio de mantenimiento predictivo

Laboratory that brings together the resources needed to estimate and ensure the reliability of complex industrial systems, and the design and development of comprehensive solutions to ensure the availability of assets, through the combined use of advanced sensor techniques, signal processing, simulation software, hybrid modelling and artificial intelligence.


The laboratory has software and hardware equipment that covers the entire spectrum of knowledge:

  • PTC Windchill (product life management) software for estimating and managing reliability throughout the life cycle of assets.
  • RAPTOR simulation and reliability analysis software
  • Industrial acquisition systems and multi-sensor based condition monitoring (accelerometry, current footprint analysis, acoustic emission…).
  • 3D design software (CATIA, etc.).
  • Simulation software (MATLAB, SIMULINK, OPEN MODELICA…).
  • Development platforms for data analytics (based on Python, R, Matlab…)

Aimed at:

  • Production companies (continuous or discontinuous process) with high availability demands.
  • Manufacturers of means of production or transport.
  • Plant managers.
  • Fleet managers.
  • Maintenance service providers.

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