Ultrasonic detection and diagnosis laboratory

Laboratorio de ultrasonidos para detección y diagnóstico

Laboratory for developing devices and systems for detecting and diagnosing physical defects and parameters in materials or structures using ultrasound, the non-destructive and non-invasive characterisation of substances and developing SMH systems for metal or composite-based structures.


The laboratory is fully equipped:

  • OMICRON LAB BODE 100 frequency scanning impedance meter
  • Single-channel ultrasonic pulsers/receivers Olympus EPOCH 600 and Dasel ULTRASCOPE IMAGE (300 kHz – 30 kHz).
  • Multi-channel ultrasonic pulser/receiver for phased array: Omniscan MX.
  • ULTRATEK PCIUT3100M ultrasonic multi-channel electronic board for generating and capturing signals. High voltage wave train transmitter and receiver, which can be reconfigured and programmed.
  • Onda Corporation Acoustic Intensity Measurement System(AIMS): ultrasonic immersion tank scanning system and ultrasonic radiation field measurement.
  • Ultrasonic Single element, dual element and array transducers (Olympus, GE, Imasonic and developed in-house) from 250 kHz to 20 MHz.
  • TTI TG550 5 MHz precision function generator
  • Agilent Technologies 33250A 80MHz programmable function / arbitrary waveform generator.
  • Digital oscilloscopes:
    • Tektronix TDS1012 100 MHz, 2-channel oscilloscope with TEKTRONIX TDS2MEM PC expansion module.
    • Agilent Technologies DSO5012A, 100 MHz, 2-channel oscilloscope.
    • Agilent Technologies DSO7014B, 100 MHz, 4-channel oscilloscope.
  • Fluke 189 Digital Multimeter-Data Logger System with PC connection software FVF-SC2.
  • TTI EX354T 300W triple power supply.
  • BERTAN 105 high voltage source, for the polarisation of piezoelectric materials.

Aimed at:

  • Companies manufacturing all types of mechanical parts and structures that are interested in improving the quality of their products.
  • Companies or entities that maintain critical or high performance infrastructures that want to improve the assurance, control and monitoring of the useful life of these infrastructures.
  • Manufacturing companies that want to monitor the quality of their products.
  • Inspection companies that use NDTs manufacturers of detection equipment who want to innovate their products.

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