Computer vision laboratories

Laboratorios visión artificial

Laboratories that make it possible to carry out pilot developments and tests on the quality control of processes and the composition of materials.


These laboratories have advanced equipment:

  • Hyperspectral analysis (SisuChema 970 – 2,500 mm).
  • ImSpector V10E VIS/NIR 400-1000 nm spectral camera
  • 200-12,000 nm remote spectrometer with 50 m range (designed by TECNALIA).
  • OCT system, UV camera, thermal imaging camera, Raman equipment, cameras, microscopes, lenses, lighting, etc.

Aimed at:

  • Companies and research centres that need to control processes, the processing of medical images, precision agriculture and, in general, any company that needs to automate analysis and control processes that are carried out visually.

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