Flexible and collaborative robotics laboratory

Laboratorio robótica flexible y colaborativa

Laboratory for developing advanced robotic solutions and automating demanding operations in industrial environments

The laboratory facilitates the development of new concepts based on cable-driven robotics, flexible and versatile robotics and collaborative robotics. This includes developing solutions (end effectors + process) that allow robots to be deployed in complex processes.


The laboratory includes multiple robots (commercial and prototypes), force sensors and 3D vision sensors, such as:

  • A wide range of FANUC industrial robots, with force control, dual encoders and 3D vision.
  • Collaborative robots: UR10, 2 Kuka iiwa, Fanuc collaborative robots.
  • Omnidirectional mobile robots and manipulators: VULCANO, MUGIRO, VERSATILE, SHERLOCK.
  • Cable-driven parallel robot: Pickable.
  • Dual-armed robot with humanoid torso: Nextage-Open.
  • Multiple 3D vision sensors: Zivid, Fotoneo, Ensenso, PickIt, industrial stereo cameras, Fanuc3D.
  • Cranebot: a concept developed by TECNALIA, combining the “Smart Crane” and “Cable robot” concepts for developing new solutions for handling and transporting loads in industrial plants.
  • Flexbotics: a brand registered by TECNALIA which provides autonomy to the robots, versatility in their applications and, therefore, gives a high degree of flexibility to factories.

Aimed at:

  • Companies that want to innovate with robotics, by integrating robotic technology into their products, or by using autonomous industrial robots in their manufacturing processes.

Robotics for advanced manufacturing brochure

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