Flexible additive manufacturing cell (WAAM TIG/MAG)

Célula flexible de Fabricación Aditiva (WAAM TIG/MAG)

Robotic cell adapted for additive manufacturing with WAAM technology, both by plasma and wire, and MIG/MAG.

It has integrated sensors to ensure the correct amount of material is deposited, adapting the deposition parameters depending on the material already deposited and the geometric characteristics of the finished part.


The most important components of this robotic cell are:

  • 2 Fanuc anthropomorphic robots.
  • Fanuc 2-axis table.
  • EWM Titan (MaG) technology.
  • TIG technology.
  • Tilting rotary table.

Some of the uses of this cell include:

  • Realisation of geometrical designs by additive manufacturing using WAAM (plasma and MIG).
  • Analysis of the feasibility of manufacturing the parts using this technology.
  • Development of models for additive manufacturing.
  • Support in the design of parts.
  • Validation of and advice on new products for additive manufacturing.
  • Training.

Aimed at:

Metalworking sector.

  • Product developers, manufacturers of machinery, equipment and components
  • Industrial service providers (control, programming/software, design, simulation and calculation)
  • End users.

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