Hybrid manufacturing cell (milling, turning and LMD)

Célula fabricación híbrida (sustractivo + aditivo)

High productivity 5-axis machining centre, with fixed table and floor type architecture, capable of executing turning processes with horizontal and vertical plates, 5-axis machining and additive manufacturing by means of LMD-powder.


The characteristics of the high productivity 5-axis machining centre with fixed table and floor type architecture are:

  • Capacity to execute turning processes with horizontal (turning ø = 750 mm) and vertical (turning ø = 1,100 mm) plates.
  • 5-axis machining with A+B and B+C.
  • Additive manufacturing by means of LMD-powder, with X/Y/Z and B ravel of 1,600/800/900,mm and ±105º (±45º in LMD).
  • Ability to program tool paths and simulation in PowerMill commercial CAM.

The cell components are:

  • FL030 MM(FFC/FFS) 3 kW fibre laser source
  • Lotec cooling.
  • Rofin YC52 4-way or continuous LMD head
  • Structured light technology for measuring parts.
  • Sulzer Metco TWIN-10-C powder feeder.
  • OPTRIS thermal imaging camera for monitoring molten baths (temperature range: 1000 – 2000 ºC).
  • IDM sensor for controlling height.

Aimed at:

  • Metalworking sector.
    • Product developers, manufacturers of machinery, equipment and components
    • Industrial service providers (control, programming/software, design, simulation and calculation)
    • End users.

Additive manufacturing brochure

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Catálogo Tecnología para la Máquina-Herramienta

Machine-tool technology brochure (Spanish)

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