WAAM plasma (PAW) additive cell

Célula aditivo WAAM plasma (PAW)

Machine for additive manufacturing by plasma and wire that makes it possible to manufacture large parts in both steel and titanium.

It has a build chamber that ensures a controlled argon atmosphere with a very low PPM level of oxygen and includes several online monitoring systems that ensure and control that material is deposited correctly.


It is a machine for manufacturing metal components, using WAAM technology, with the following characteristics:

  • Dimensions: 2,850 x 3,100 x 3,550 mm.
  • Maximum part size: 1,300 x 900 x 500 mm.
  • Maximum part weight: 300 kg
  • Scalable up to 5 m parts.
  • TILT axis. Input on both sides.
  • Arc technologies:
    • EWM cold and hot wire plasma welding
    • EWM forceTIG cold and hot wire welding
  • Inert atmosphere chamber (Ar, He or mixtures).
  • Loading/unloading system. Maintenance of inert atmosphere.
  • Input rates:
    • Steel: up to 5 kg/h.
    • Ti6Al4V: up to 3 kg/h.
    • Inconel® 718: up to 4 kg/h.

Aimed at:

  • Metalworking sector.
    • Product developers, manufacturers of machinery, equipment and components
    • Industrial service providers (control, programming/software, design, simulation and calculation)
    • End users.

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