Laser processing laboratory

Laboratorio de procesamiento láser

Laboratory with a VCSEL laser system, which is ideal for general heat treatment, welding and forming of plastics, surface coatings, surface stripping and drying and curing of coatings


The laboratory has a VCSEL laser system with 24 independent arrays, with a radiation surface of 104 x 40 mm2, which has the following characteristics:

  • Heating of large surfaces without the need for scanning.
  • Very similar wavelength to traditional diode lasers.
  • Very precise control of the target temperature, without fluctuations.
  • High flexibility when configuring temperature maps through dynamic and independent control of the VCSEL channels.
    • Spatial control of temperature distribution on the surface.
    • Temporal control of the temperature evolution at each point.
  • Power densities of 100 W/cm2 and high processing speed.
  • Compact, modular equipment for covering different surfaces.
  • Lower cost than conventional laser systems.

Aimed at:

VCSEL laser technology can be applied in companies that are active in the following fields:

  • Surface heat treatment.
  • Welding and forming plastics.
  • Applying coatings on surfaces.
  • Stripping surfaces.
  • Drying and curing coatings.
  • Selective metal treatment.

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