Adhesive modification and functionalisation laboratory

Laboratorio de modificación y funcionalización de adhesivos

Laboratory equipped for the synthesis of water-based polymer systems by means of emulsion, improving adhesives, characterising them and characterising adhesive bonds.


The equipment available in this laboratory includes:

  • Discontinuous reactor.
  • Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoStress 6000 rheometer.
  • EXAKT three-roll calender.
  • Dispermat CA 60.
  • Vacuum oven.
  • Airflow incubator.
  • Hot press machine.
  • Portable ultrasonic equipment.

In addition to the synthesis of water-based polymer systems by means of emulsion, this laboratory also works on:

  • Modifying adhesives to improve their properties and/or provide other functionalities (thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, sensorisation capacity, change in processing window, self-repair, etc.).
  • Characterising adhesives (rheology, mechanical properties, composition, ageing).
  • Characterising adhesive joints (static and dynamic tests, ageing, development of test matrices and experimental design).

Aimed at:

  • Industrial sectors where adhesive bonding technology has become an enabling technology for innovative and sustainable manufacturing.

Accreditations and Certifications

Centre recognised by the Spanish Association for Welding Technologies - CESOL for training in the European Adhesive Bonder (EWF 515rf-10). Certificate number ATB-EWF-ES-002 Rev.0)

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