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Design and validation of adhesive joints

Diseño y validación de uniones adhesivas

We cover key aspects in the formulation of an adhesive joint, from the proper design of the joint and the selection of the appropriate adhesive, to the substrate and the correct application, as well as the surface preparation of the substrates, control of the cross-linking or curing of the adhesive and, finally, the determination of the bonding features.

We develop processes for the integration of nanomaterials in adhesive polymeric matrices to give them additional functions (electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, sensor capacity).

Our activity focuses on the development of multi-material solutions, seeking the optimum design for a component or set of components and creating combinations that fulfil the principle of using “the right material in the right place”.

  • We validate and optimise joint designs, make the calculations to transfer the general load cases to a solution in the form of stress distribution in the joints using FEM tools (NX Nastran).
  • We analyse and control the performance of adhesives and adhesive joints through static and dynamic mechanical tests.
  • We also assess joint enhancements through the modification of the adhesive thickness, slight variations in overlap distances, etc.
  • We develop bonding procedures by analysing key steps in the bonding process, such as surface preparation of the substrates and the method of application and curing of the adhesive.

TECNALIA is a member of:

  • Spanish Adhesion and Adhesives Group (GEAA)
  • Cesol

Aimed at:

  • Industrial sectors where adhesive bonding technology has become an enabling technology for innovative and sustainable manufacturing.


TECNALIA is an Approved Training Body (ATB) by the European Welding Federation (EWF) for European Adhesive Bonders (EAB)
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