High throughput server infrastructure for deep learning

Infraestructura de servidores de alta capacidad de procesamiento para Deep Learning

A highly efficient computing centre that has 6 servers equipped with the latest generation of GPUs for deep learning.


The TECNALIA deep learning computing centre has:

  • 60 TB of disc space in RAID5 and RAID10 configurations
  • 13 GPUs
    • 3 x GeForce RTX 2080 Ti (CC: 7.5)
    • 4 x Tesla V100 (CC: 7.0)
    • 4 x Titan X (CC: 6.1)
    • 3 x GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (CC: 6.1)
    • 3 x GeForce GTX Titan X (CC: 5.2)
    • 1 x Tesla K20 (CC: 3.5)

Aimed at:

  • Companies and research centres that need to control processes, the processing of medical images, precision agriculture and, in general, any company that needs to automate analysis and control processes that are carried out visually.

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