Laboratory service

FEM analysis and simulation

Análisis y simulación FEM

Our services include the use of calculation and advanced simulation tools (FEM) in six areas:

  • Design and development of an innovative product.
  • Dynamics, noise, vibrations and crash.
  • Thermal management and energy storage.
  • Streamlining and optimisation.
  • Advanced simulation and new materials.
  • Customised simulation tools.

Innovation in products and processes involves using specific tools to reduce times, cut costs and optimise the development work.

Within the framework of its experience and knowledge of products and processes, TECNALIA offers transversal skills for the development and application of computer numerical techniques in industrial and research problems.

It has a highly specialised and expert team in the analysis of static and dynamic mechanical, thermal and thermo-mechanical, linear and non-linear problems (including impact), with metal, plastic or composite materials to help companies with innovative ideas that need support in this field.

These skills are integrated into the development of new equipment using ground-breaking technologies, new materials and innovative solutions.

Aimed at:

  • Companies that need numerical analysis to solve mechanical, thermal, dynamic or CFD problems in product or process development.