10 projects will compete in the Zinemaldia Startup Challenge

11 September 2023
Zinemaldia & Technology 2021

“10 technological projects, five Spanish and five European, will compete in the Zinemaldia Startup Challenge, the competition for entrepreneurs and startups”

The Zinemaldia Startup Challenge, an initiative within the framework of the Zinemaldia & Technology event, will be held on 28 September

TECNALIA is co-organising the Zinemaldia and Technology event and joining the committee of experts that shortlists 10 projects in the Zinemaldia Startup Challenge. It is also responsible for selecting one of the members of the international jury made up of renowned professionals in the audiovisual, technological and business fields.

The Zinemaldia Startup Challenge is a competition for national and European business projects that aims to promote new business projects with technological developments that have applications in the audiovisual sector.

Shortlisted technologies

Out of the 10 finalists, five are Spanish projects and the other five are European projects. Spanish finalists include projects related to the metaverse, digital identity, immersive audiovisual and broadcast technologies, as well as machine learning technology that will enable highly complex and top-quality productions.

As for European projects, those developed through artificial intelligence technologies, cloud technologies and mobile applications have been selected.

An independent jury will select the winning projects, one Spanish and one European, which will receive €10,000 each. An additional €3,000 will also be awarded to the best project presented by an entrepreneurial individual or team. Both winners and finalists will also be able to access funding of up to €500,000 for the development of their project in the Basque Country.

Successful business strategies

Some of the winning projects in the first four editions are successfully developing their business strategy. Largo AI (2019) has gained customers in more than 20 countries, Filmchain (2020) has launched its product in many countries, while Kinetix (2021) is already operating with its Beta version and has closed a major funding round. Finally, (2022) is already on the market and has also recently raised a round of investment.

In order to have access to the Zinemaldia and Technology conference, the Industry Accreditation or Online Industry Accreditation is required.

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