Building a European quantum technology ecosystem

17 June 2022
Consorcio Europeo de Tecnologías Cuánticas

“We are members of the first European Quantum Industry Consortium – QuIC, Quantum Industrial Consortium”

The Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC), founded at the request of the European Commission and linked to the Quantum Flagship, aims to boost the competitiveness and economic growth of the European quantum technology industry, and to strengthen value creation.

On 30 and 31 May, the first in-person General Meeting was held in Lisbon, following its creation a year ago, and was attended by TECNALIA. The event was a good chance to meet and network with 80+ attendees from all sectors of the European quantum technology industry: large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, academic and research centres, and associations.

Computing and simulation, ultra-secure communications and high-resolution sensors

TECNALIA has several different teams of experts in computing and simulation, ultra-secure communications and high resolution sensors. The teams work closely with other specialised teams to accelerate learning and create cooperation mechanisms that promote critical masses that generate quantum solutions with an impact on the industry.

TECNALIA is grateful for the contributions of Dr Gustav Kalbe (Acting Director of Digital Excellence and Science Infrastructure of the European Commission), Maria Lundqvist (EIB Innovation Finance Advisor), Dr David Shaw (Fact Based Insight), Dr Denis Gerrer (Business Development Quantum Solutions at ATOS), and Dr Himadri Majumdar (VTT Program Manager).

They all discussed the various mechanisms needed to achieve the EU’s ambitious plans for quantum research, and to develop a thriving quantum industrial ecosystem in Europe.