Good practices to boost the circular economy in Cuba

19 August 2022
Economía Circular en La Habana, Cuba

“The seminar laid the foundations for a circular economy diagnostic system in Old Havana.”

Circular economy experts from Extremadura, Cuba and the Basque Country conclude that the circular economy must focus on the optimisation of resources throughout the production process

La Quinta de los Molinos in Havana, Cuba, hosted a seminar on the circular economy in which experts from Cuba, Extremadura and the Basque Country shared good practices in relation to this new economic model.

Our colleague Iñigo Vegas, Construction and Biobased Products Manager, spoke about the keys to this new economic model, influencing the need to preserve and improve natural capital, optimise the use of resources and promote the efficiency of the system.

Verónica García and Jaime Moreno, our experts in construction and biobased products, presented the diagnostic method we have developed to evaluate the conditions and potential of circularity in a region; a method that is added other initiatives to promote the circular economy in the Basque Country.

Effective circular economy strategy

The experts concluded that an effective circular economy strategy should focus on optimising resources throughout the entire production process, thus reducing the need for raw materials and the generation of resources.

The seminar concluded with the participation of Cuban experts.