Ingredalia produces, distributes and markets natural functional ingredients, developed using by-products from the agri-food sector

6 May 2021
Programa NEOTEC_Tecnología e innovación

CDTI has awarded a subsidy of €250,000 to the innovative technology-based company, Ingredalia, through the NEOTEC Programme.

The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) has granted the innovative technology-based company, Ingredalia, a subsidy of €250,000 through the NEOTEC Programme. NEOTEC, a public organisation of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, supports the creation and consolidation of technology-based companies and fosters technology and innovation as competitive factors.

Ingredalia drives sustainability and the circular economy. It produces, distributes and markets natural functional ingredients, extracts, additives and other health products, using by-products from the agri-food sector.

Valorisation of by-products

The company is currently immersed in the industrialisation and launch of its first two products, both of which derive from the valorisation of by-products, which are generated during the processing of broccoli. Thanks to the technology developed by its R&D and innovation team, Ingredalia has been able to extract the molecule that is responsible for the healthy effects of broccoli (sulforaphane and glucosinolate) and incorporate it in its own products.

Sulforaphane-Smart is a functional ingredient that boosts people's immune systems, while Brasphenol is a natural antioxidant that extends the shelf life of food. These products are aimed at very diverse sectors, such as the food, cosmetics, nutraceutical, health and beauty, agriculture and livestock industries, among others.

Further information 

The NEOTEC programme funds new business projects from small innovative companies whose activity focuses on the exploitation of products or services, which require the use of technologies or knowledge developed from research activity. The business strategy must be based on the development of own technology. This is the case of Ingredalia, a company whose technology focuses on transformation processes and the implementation of disruptive production technologies and processes.

Ingredalia came about as a result of the collaboration between TECNALIA and the company from Navarre, Tratamiento Subproductos Agroalimentarios (TRASA), and with the support of TECNALIA Ventures, the Deep Tech Venture builder.