New sustainable products based on plastics and composites

30 September 2022
Aplicación de nuevos productos

“We work together with EUROCOLOR, ABB and ABEKI for the household appliances, electrical and electronics sector”

Tecnalia collaborates to obtain more sustainable products based on plastics and composites with a high recycled or bio-based content

We are working on the BIOCOAT initiative along withEUROCOLOR, ABB and ABEKI for the household appliance, electrical and electronics sector. The project’s technological approach combines the objective of reusing materials, incorporating waste in the production processes, as well as the use of bio-based natural resources as an alternative to non-renewable raw materials, taking into account atmospheric emissions of the overall process.

Environmental improvement and circular economy

BIOCOAT is in line with the initiatives of the Basque Environmental Association ACLIMA. It works on environmental improvement and circular economy with a dual purpose. On the one hand, EUROCLOR is developing a new range of bio-based aqueous paints, designed for a new generation of more sustainable plastic products, a line promoted by ABB. On the other hand, ABEKI is working on the development of new composite profiles incorporating recycled or bio-based materials.

Europe is a global leader in terms of environmental awareness and actions, whereby the minimisation of emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and the problem of the progressive depletion of the planet's fossil resources are trends of great interest and support.

New products on the market in the coming year

  • New range of environmentally friendly two-component bio-based aqueous paints (in different colours and gloss versions) for plastic substrates with a high content of recycled material.
  • New plastic products with recycled content and finished with a bio-based aqueous system developed for the household appliance, electrical and electronics sector.
  • New composite including renewable raw materials produced by pultrusion.

*BIOCOAT has been co-funded by the Basque Government through the Hazitek Programme under No. ZL-2021/00439 and No. ZL-2022/00185. The project, which has been carried over the period 2021- 2022 within the HAZITEK programme under the Basque Government’s Economic Development and Competitiveness Department, has been led by the EUROCLOR SME in collaboration with TECNALIA.