New technology and trends on healthy food

25 April 2022
Izaskun Marañon e

“One of TECNALIA’s main objectives is the development of food supplements and high nutritional value food based on local biodiversity”

Our colleague, Izaskun Marañón highlights the role of TECNALIA in the food sector for Latin America at the ALIBER meetings

On 6 April, Aliber, the benchmark event in food sector innovation, organised several workshops at the Alimentaria 2022 fair. Our colleague, Izaskun Marañón revealed the activity that TECNALIA is developing with Latin American companies at the Innovation Workshop with Latin America: during which she gave a talk on “Innovation Projects with the Latin American Food Industry

TECNALIA's activity with Latin American companies

Among the success stories presented, actions carried out in Mexico to obtain innovative products aligned with the preservation and improvement of the health and quality of life of people; natural and functional infusions from native plants and fruits, obtaining and purifying pharmaceutical grade capsaicin or food formulation enriched in proteins, vitamins and other essential nutrients to improve the nutritional value of the Mexican diet can be highlighted.

In addition, the NUTRICAM project, led by PAYMSA (CARINSA Group), was presented in collaboration with a Mexican company (Core Food Solutions). This initiative is aimed at the development of high nutritional value ingredients for shrimp feeding, in which TECNALIA collaborated for the development of probiotic bacteria encapsulation processes.

Dr. Pedro Prieto, CEO of Fresh Business, referred to his collaboration with TECNALIA in terms of the characterisation of a new generation of organic dehydrates from Peru, NXTDRIED, in terms of their high nutritional value.

In short, one of TECNALIA's main objectives is the development of food supplements and high nutritional value food based on local biodiversity and adapted to the tastes and needs of each market, driving the growth of our clients and seeking a positive impact on society.