Recognition for the ROCALUX ventilated façade

5 June 2024
Technical Conformity Rocalux

“With this recognition, TVITEC SYSTEMS GLASS has strengthened its commitment to quality and innovation in the construction sector, offering products that not only comply with the most demanding regulations, but also add value to architectural projects”

Tvitec Systems Glass has been awarded the Technical Conformity certification issued by TECNALIA for its ROCALUX Ventilated Façade.

This document certifies that ROCALUX complies with the requirements of the Spanish Technical Building Code (CTE).

ROCALUX is a versatile and innovative product developed by Tvitec, which combines the strength and durability of glass with the ability to adopt the textures and nuances of traditional building materials, such as natural stone. This solution enables customers to customise their designs using screen-printed glass, offering exceptional surface finishes that defy the conventional appearance of glass.

Assessed Requirements

In order to be awarded Technical Conformity by TECNALIA, the product needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Mechanical strength and stability
  • Safety in the event of a fire
  • Hygiene
  • Energy and environment
  • Safety of use
  • Noise protection
  • Energy savings

The TC takes into account the performance of the product in terms of durability and the manufacturer’s commitment to self-monitoring of production and technical assistance during installation. The product underwent a full characterisation test in TECNALIA’s laboratories: the production controls are periodically audited by TECNALIA’s engineers to ensure that the manufacturing conditions that enabled the TC are maintained.

TECNALIA, as an authorised body, assesses the technical suitability of innovative products and construction systems, ensuring their compliance with the technical requirements of the Spanish Technical Building Code. This process includes the assessment of compliance with the technical and performance requirements arising from the requirements of the CTE, durability, installation and maintenance of self-monitoring of production.

The Technical Conformity granted by TECNALIA is recognised by the Public Administration, as published in the BOE (Official State Gazette) no. 128 of 29 May 2012. TECNALIA is included in the General Register of Authorised Bodies of the CTE (Resolution of the Ministry of Development of 9 December 2013) to grant technical assessments of the suitability of innovative products and systems.