Slipperiness or slickness of floors: Building code

13 December 2022
Norma resbaladicidad suelos TECNALIA

Regulations for determining the slipperiness of floors according to CTE

There is currently a modification of the Supporting Document to the Basic Document DB-SUA"Safety of use and accessibility of the Technical Building Code (CTE)" for the determination of the slipperiness of floors.

This amendment establishes two standards for the determination of skid resistance. On the one hand we have the UNE 41901; wet test and on the other hand we have the UNE 41902; dry test.

New regulations in force

TECNALIA would like to inform you that the materials tested under the UNE-ENV 12633 standard do not comply with the new requirements for slipperiness or slickness of floors under the Technical Building Code.

TECNALIA has the necessary equipment for customers to adapt their flooring products to the new regulations inforce.