TECNALIA and the Provincial Council of Alava are launching the digital platform Araba 4.0

29 February 2024
Junto a la Diputación Foral de Álava lanzamos la plataforma digital Araba 4.0

“Araba 4.0, a benchmark meeting point for Industry 4.0 in Alava, open to all companies”.

TECNALIA and the Provincial Council of Alava have signed an agreement to launch the new Araba 4.0, a platform that brings together in one place all the tools that companies in the province need to face the challenge of industry 4.0

Araba 4.0 is the result of collaboration between companies and the Provincial Council of Alava. The aim is to identify existing needs in order to carry out the digitalisation and technological innovation process.

Industrial businesses in Alava, especially SMEs, need a boost in terms of innovation, technological development, digital transformation and the implementation of new technologies.

Araba 4.0

The Araba 4.0 project was presented on 22 February and aims to be the benchmark meeting point for industry 4.0 in Alava, open to all companies and based on four main pillars:

  • To bring together the needs of the regional and its companies in terms of Industry 4.0, publicising its scope and approach in Alava.
  • To raise Alava companies’ awareness of the need and competitive opportunity to implement practices around Industry 4.0.
  • To help identify and catalyse Industry 4.0 projects in companies in the province.
  • To create an Industry 4.0 ecosystem in Alava by bringing together different stakeholders: industrial companies, start-ups, business services companies, technology centres, academia, research centres, etc.

The goal: to reach the entire province

With the aim of reaching the whole of the Alava province, activities will be carried out to present this project. Initially, three presentation days will be organised in Aiaraldea, Rioja Alavesa and Vitoria-Gasteiz.

TECNALIA, GAIA and Innobasque will organise various activities:

  • Araba 4.0 presentation conference
  • Networking events
  • Interactive reflection workshop
  • Visits to companies (three visits)
  • Advice for companies interested in establishing their technological needs
  • Definition, deployment and assessment of pilot projects
  • Co-funding of projects
  • Provision of self-diagnostic tools
  • Business innovation services

The aim is to continue to promote innovation and ensure that it reaches all companies in the province of Alava and becomes a driving force for innovation and a catalyst for new strategic projects.