TECNALIA creates designs adaptable to the component's operating environment

29 February 2024

“The advanced design techniques will mainly be used in the aerospace and energy industries”

TECNALIA creates adaptable designs that fit efficiently into the component’s operating environment.

TECNALIA selects materials based on rigorous specifications, and optimises production and maintenance costs to face current economic challenges. TECNALIA exhaustively analyses the entire life cycle of the product, from its conception to its recycling, with the aim of minimising the environmental impact as much as possible. It is leading a revolution in the design and development of engineering components.

It is no longer just about the individual designer’s expertise and interactive processes, but about a holistic view, from the functional needs of the component to its seamless integration with the environment and its entire life cycle.

Advances in manufacturing methods and exponential increases in computational capability offer a window of opportunity that transcends the limits of conventional design.

The new values and factors are what mark the new design revolution in engineering.

TECNALIA evolves towards a specific focus on functional needs. It takes into account the manufacturability of the geometry, and the selection of materials is vital, as well as their cost and the study of recycling or end of life of the component that has been manufactured, bearing in mind it should adapt to sustainability.