TECNALIA develops a guide for the assessment of sustainable households

2 November 2021

The pilot test has been implemented in the new property development by Viuda de Sainz, Kosta Zabala.

TECNALIA Certification has undertaken a study for the assessment of sustainable households, through the analysis of the current sustainability certification schemes together with TECNALIA and Eraikune, the Basque Country Construction Cluster.

This collaboration started with the purpose of complementing the existing certification schemes (LEED, HQE, Breeam, Passivhaus, and Verde) adding value to citizen participation, promoting quality in project management and transparency of the processes, and providing the users with real documentation on their households.

Phases for the development of the study

In the first place, TECNALIA identified the different aspects used in each of the schemes in the scope of action of the construction of households. Then, it analysed the requirements demanded in the scope of quality of life of users and the environment.

All of the requirements that could be related to the new parameters were detailed later, in compliance with the new framework of parameters, dividing them into two groups: responsible management and financial performance.

Last of all, guidelines were developed for the evaluation of residential households. These guidelines took into consideration new sections that hadn’t been considered yet, such as the assessment of responsible management and financial performance.

Pilot test, Kosta Zabala

The pilot test for the new sustainable certification guideline was undertaken on a new property development by Viuda de Sainz, Kosta Zabala.

This is the first HQE-certified residential block in Spain. The new project is located in an area undergoing intensive regeneration, on Bruno Mauricio Zabala street, close to the new Abando rail station (Bilbao). It will consist of 46 housing units, each with its own garage and storage area.

This project seeks to place the construction sector of the Basque Country as a benchmark in the field of citizen participation in the different stages of a process and guarantee the transparency of the different processes.

Further information

The NECERVIS initiative has been subsidised by the ERAIKAL programme (2019 call for proposals), promoted by the Basque Department for the Environment, Territorial Planning and Housing for the implementation of Quality Management Systems, Sustainability Promotion, and Innovation Support for the companies of the residential building sector of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.