TECNALIA presented with the "Atlantic Project" award

20 November 2023
Maelstrom_Premio_Proyecto Atlántico

“TECNALIA is presented with an “Atlantic Projects” award for its efforts in analysing the impact of marine litter cleaning and recycling solutions in the oceans”

TECNALIA took home the "Healthy Oceans and Resilient Coasts" category award presented by "Atlantic Project"

TECNALIA, as a leading member of the European MAELSTROM project, has been recognised in the "Atlantic Projects" Awards for its exceptional work in the analysis of the impact of solutions for cleaning and recycling marine litter in the oceans.

TECNALIA has developed several innovative solutions that address the issue of marine pollution, including a floating platform with an underwater cable robot designed to collect waste on the seabed, as well as a robot specialised in the detection, classification, and segregation of waste according to its type of material.

In addition, TECNALIA has contributed with a solution to recycle marine plastics into higher added-value composites and has carried out an exhaustive life-cycle impact analysis (LCA) of these technologies.

The "Atlantic Projects" Awards highlight remarkable initiatives, successful collaborations and achievements relevant to the implementation of the Atlantic 2.0 Action Plan.

The category "Healthy Oceans and Resilient Coasts" recognises projects and initiatives that promote coastal resilience and strengthen the fight against marine pollution.

The awards ceremony took place during the 10th Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference, held at the Porto Cruise Terminal in Porto, Portugal, and was also streamed online.

The conference focused on the "Atlantic Future: new synergies and innovations for a sustainable ocean economy". It provided key information on the activities of the Atlantic 2.0 Action Plan, and the challenges to achieve sustainable blue growth.

Congratulations to Damien Sallé, Mariola Rodríguez, Jose Gorrotxategi,  Pierre-Elie Herve, and the entire TECNALIA team that has been part of this achievement.