TECNALIA researches new generation exoskeletons to prevent musculo-skeletal disorders in the workplace

11 November 2021

Stakeholders involved in prevention of occupational hazards state that ergonomics are key to prevent musculo-skeletal disorders.

We are working on development of smart and highly customisable exoskeletons, with natural interaction between person and device. They can be applied in two of the professional sectors most affected by over-exertion, particularly in the shoulder and back: healthcare centres and the metalworking industry.

Current exoskeletons do not solve issues for 100% of the market and the specific characteristics of each task and/or company cannot be customised. Technology, particularly the robotic systems and exoskeletons, can potentially offer innovation to provide these ergonomic solutions.

Musculo-skeletal disorders

We are taking part in the exOsasun initiative in an attempt to reduce musculo-skeletal disorders, particularly in the shoulder and lumbar area, and so also reduce their impact on sectors where this type of injury is most frequent.

Ergonomics are key in the workplace

Everyone involved in prevention of occupational hazards agree on one point: ergonomics are key in terms of musculo-skeletal disorders and a meticulous work station assessment is essential for ergonomics.