TECNALIA's digital twin of a building, KUBIK 4.0, at the finals of the Advanced Architecture Awards 2021

23 September 2021
kubik 4.0

The award ceremony will take place on Wednesday, 22 September, at the Madrid Four Seasons Hotel.

TECNALIA's digital twin of a building, KUBIK 4.0, is a finalist in the Project on Digitalisation or Technological Commitment in Building category. It is a dynamic virtual model intended for the development of new solutions for energy optimisation in buildings. It is fed by a large amount of information throughout its life-cycle.

Its management, visualisation, simulation, and analysis by means of digital technologies help managers address and respond to the main challenges, such as consumption reduction, industrialisation of new solutions, process automation, and maintenance.

The Advanced Architecture Awards 2021, framed within the Rebuild fair, which will be held in Madrid from September 21st to the 23rd, seek to recognise the work, leadership and effort of companies and professionals who are committed to transformation, disruption, and innovation. These institutions focus on the development of new materials, the creation of alternative products, more efficient devices and construction systems that comply with sustainability criteria and the creation of new operating processes. They also apply technology and digitalisation in order to improve building processes.

Advanced Architecture Awards 2021 categories
• Products, Material, or System Innovation.
• Project on Interior Design and User Experience.
• Project on Digitalisation or Technological Commitment in Building.
• Project on Sustainability, Decarbonisation, or Greatest Energy Self-generation in a Building.
• Project on Industrialised Construction.