TECNALIA's invested companies: Turnover increases by 40 %

11 April 2022
Empresas participadas TECNALIA: crece un 40 % su facturación

The Regional Councillor for Economic Promotion of Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, Jabier Larrañaga; the Managing Director of TECNALIA, Jesus Valero; and TECNALIA Ventures Director, Asier Rufino, participated, among others.

Representatives of TECNALIA's participating deep tech start-ups meet to strengthen their relationships and explore new business opportunities

TECNALIA, the largest centre for applied research and technological development in Spain, a reference in Europe and a member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), has met representatives of its portfolio of invested companies in Donostia - San Sebastian for the seventh consecutive year.

Jabier Larrañaga, Regional Councillor for Economic Promotion, Tourism and the Rural Environment of Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, was in charge of opening of the meeting, who highlighted "the relevance of the activity that TECNALIA develops, through its deep tech venture builder, TECNALIA Ventures, turning technological ideas into real business opportunities in the market, thus contributing to the development and strengthening of the industrial fabric of its environment."

Jesús Valero, Managing Director of TECNALIA, presented his centre’s Strategic Plan 2021 - 2024. "A plan that focuses mainly on the generation of social and economic impact, in which the structuring of new mechanisms for interrelation with the entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem play a key role."

Asier Rufino, TECNALIA Ventures Director, shared the main milestones achieved throughout 2021 by the deep tech venture builder that he leads, as well as by the portfolio of invested companies that he manages. Among others, he clarified that "in 2021 we achieved a cumulative growth of 40 % of the turnover of our companies, set up and entered the shareholdings of two deep tech start-ups, maintained our national leadership in European patent applications, reached €5M in industrial property sales and attracted €5.5M of capital for our invested companies."

TECNALIA's invested companies show their full potential

Jon Lasa, Director of Izpitek, the most recent technology-based company set up by TECNALIA, together with Branka as shareholder, had the opportunity to share the details of its constitution process. As he clarified, "Izpitek designs and manufactures fully integrated photovoltaic components based on composite materials, and pursues the objective of becoming a reference in the decarbonisation of urban environments through the deployment of solar energy."

Amagoia Paskual, CEO of Addilan, the last company in which TECNALIA has entered its shareholding, presented the details of the purchase of the company's shares, highlighting that "having TECNALIA as a partner allows us to strengthen our technological proposal to continue increasing our market share in the production of high contribution rate additive manufacturing machines based on Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) technology."

The meeting was also attended by Andrés Galnares, CEO of H2SITE, who presented the industrialisation process facing the company; Haritz Zabaleta, CEO of Fesia, who shared the advantages of integrating an ERP for business management; and Jesús M. Busturia, CEO of Nautilus, who explained how they have managed to introduce Subsea 7 (world reference in off-shore projects ) in the company's shareholding.

Finally, José Antonio Barrena , Partner of Norgestión , and Oriol Munne, Market Manager of Laboratory Services at TECNALIA, took part in the meeting. . The former revealed BME Growth as an alternative source of funding, and the latter talked about TECNALIA's strategy in the area of laboratory services.