The food of the future: alternative sources of plant protein

7 March 2022
Alimentación del futuro: fuentes alternativas de proteína vegetal

“In recent years, the search for healthy and nutritious foods has boosted the demand for plant-based proteins.”

TECNALIA optimises the supply of plant protein that will allow to diversify the diet, provide other nutrients and give more variety and flavour

TECNALIA collaborates with various food experts to research plant and fungal protein sources. These are alternatives to complete the current offering to effectively formulate new products and increase food development opportunities that contribute to the well-being and health of consumers.

Among the plants studied are broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, turnips, green cabbage, collard, moringa, carob, white lupine, tiger nuts, broad beans, and different fungi.

The companies involved in the CRESCERE project seek to increase the added value of plants with high nutritional and chemopreventive value through the development of new uses and applications.

TECNALIA applies encapsulation technologies for obtaining optimised protein fractions

TECNALIA's work in this initiative is to investigate the most appropriate strategies for obtaining protein fraction and to formulate protein-rich foods with high organoleptic qualities to maximise their acceptance and thus market penetration.

Encapsulation technologies applied to the protein fractions obtained serve to optimize their stability and functionality. In vitro studies of gastrointestinal simulation, functionality and bioavailability will generate evidence of the positive impact of these new ingredients on society through health.

The CRESCERE initiative has a multidisciplinary research team

The research team is composed of experts from the companies Kimitec, Carinsa, Ingredalia, Interal, Zyrcular Plant, Delafruit, DomusVi and Tecnopackaging, in addition to the research centres CTIC CITA, AITIIP, CAJAMAR FOUNDATION, the University of Vigo and TECNALIA.

This consortium was created based on an open research model (Open Innovation) that will allow them to complement each other for the development of new plant-based protein products.

*CRESCERE is a project funded by the CIEN Strategic Projects programme (Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technologies - E.P.E.) and will last a total of four years, from January 2021 to December 2024.