The Spanish Ministry of Justice recognises the work of TECNALIA’s forensic genetics laboratory

3 April 2024
Laboratorio de genética

“This award reflects TECNALIA’s commitment to quality and accuracy in the field of genetics”

The Ministry of Justice has recognised the work of our forensic genetics laboratory: it meets the requirements of the agreement of the National Commission for the Forensic Use of DNA.

TECNALIA is pleased to announce that it has been included in list of Genetics Laboratories that comply with the Ministry of Justice’s “Agreement of the National Commission for the Forensic Use of DNA” (CNUFADN).

Guarantee of excellence in genetic analysis

TECNALIA’s Genetics Laboratory strives to maintain the highest standards of accreditation and quality control, ensuring the reliability and integrity of its genetic analyses. Being part of this select group of accredited laboratories is a testament to TECNALIA’s ongoing commitment to excellence in genetic research.

TECNALIA’s clients can fully rely on the accuracy and quality of our genetic analysis and services, both in forensics and human identification.

The genetics laboratory also plays a crucial role in Historical Memory: it assists in the analysis and identification of human remains, and helps to bring justice in cases of forced disappearances, stolen babies and identification of family members and relatives.

TECNALIA continues to advance the knowledge and application of genetics to address new challenges in society, diagnostics and research. Its commitment to innovation and excellence in all its activities is reflected in this recognition by the Ministry of Justice.