Using additive manufacturing to improve business productivity

4 November 2021
Empleamos la fabricación aditiva para mejorar la productividad de las empresas

Additive manufacturing technologies as a whole provide unique opportunities for developing new manufacturing concepts.

The customisation of cutting tool manufacturing, the rapid manufacturing of metal parts with high mechanical requirements, 3D printing in plastics and composites, and the improvement of properties in the manufacture of aircraft fuselage are some of the advantages offered by the innovation processes applicable thanks to additive manufacturing.

TECNALIA has developed four benchmark technologies for the Industry and Transport sectors: Binder Jetting, WAAM, LMD, and Additive manufacturing for plastics and composites, for the energy, machine-tool, health, and construction sectors.

Improving the competitiveness of companies

  • The application of the Binder Jetting process is used as an alternative for the customisation of cutting tools.
  • LMD technology is applied to low-pressure turbine casings for the aeronautical sector.
  • On the other hand, 3D printing, with its fields of application in plastics and composites and the acceleration of WAAM technology processes in the application of rapid manufacturing of metal parts with high mechanical requirements are ground-breaking technologies that need to be implemented in companies. The goal is to gain efficiency and have a productive return of profitability in the production of parts.