We have participated in the Cleantech Ecosystem in Spain Report

22 May 2023
Participamos en el Informe Ecosistema Cleantech en España

“More than 2.5 billion tonnes of waste are produced every year in the European Union alone”

El Referente newspaper has published the first Cleantech Ecosystem in Spain report, in which representatives from TECNALIA Ventures and TECNALIA have participated

The Cleantech Ecosystem in Spain Report, published by El Referente newspaper, has been developed in collaboration with ICEX Spain Exports and Investments. It identifies and analyses the main innovation sectors and start-ups that are helping to transform human activity to reduce its negative impact on the environment, and improve the health of natural ecosystems.

The report identifies nine major innovation verticals linked to the Cleantech ecosystem, indicates the main challenges faced by each one and presents some Spanish start-ups.

Participation of Jesús Torrecilla in the Ecosystem Report

El Referente has relied on the participation of numerous experts in the field, including our colleague from TECNALIA Ventures, Jesús Torrecilla. Jesús clarifies that "the waste sector is still traditional in the way it operates; there is much room for improvement through digital transformation. Thus, advanced control systems will be needed to maximise the energy production potential".

The report highlights that more than 2.5 billion tonnes of waste are produced every year in the European Union alone. This includes materials with the potential to be recycled or given a second life (such as glass, paper and even plastic) and those which, due to their specific nature, cannot be reused.

Alternatives to traditional recycling systems

The recycling process is not always carried out using environmentally friendly techniques or at least those that do not have negative repercussions. Technological innovation is presenting alternative proposals to traditional and insufficient recycling systems, as well as measurement tools that enable us to know the precise impact of each action related to giving waste a new life.

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