Web application for space configuration and design

7 February 2024
Aplicación web para configuración y diseño de espacios

“Cloud 3D has now become Treku’s main sales tool, with more than 80% of orders received through the tool”

TECNALIA collaborates with furniture company TREKU to develop a web application that facilitates space configuration and modular equipment design.

The web tool that has been developed allows the user to design a configuration of 2D modules in a very intuitive way, placing the elements where desired and selecting the finishes of each of the configurable elements. The logic of the tool will prevent the design of configurations that are impossible to manufacture or install. It will also be possible to view the result and modify the finishes in 3D a more realistic way. The interface is simple and user-friendly. The user gets an automatic quote in real time and can place orders in an automated way. The impact of the 3D cloud design has gradually increased and is now the main sales tool for TREKU, with more than 80% of orders received through the tool. During the different stages of development, the design has also been extended and improved by adding functionalities for the automation of company processes.

Constant updating and 24/7 operation

The catalogue information, finishes and price calculation are dynamically taken from the company’s database, allowing the content to be edited via the tool’s backend, without having to update the application. This way, all distributors and end customers who work with it have the tool constantly updated. And as it is a web-based tool, users have access at any time and day of the week and from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Various solutions

The development is based on the evolution of TECNALIA’s CLOUDFIG tool, which has been used for several similar solutions for companies such as EQUILAN, INDUO, ARREGUI, NOVADECOR, EIBHO, BLUX, ERREKA, INGEMAT and CODIS.