Press release

ACUSTRAIN presented with the “Expansión Start-up Award"

27 December 2022
ACUSTRAIN, galardonada en los “Premios Expansión Start up”

ACUSTRAIN has been acknowledged with the “IV Expansión Start-up Award” as the best new company in the Mobility and Smart Citiescategory, and it has also obtained third place in the Environment and Energy category.

  • This new company provides a solution to the noise problems caused by railways in urban environments by developing a mini-acoustic barrier.
  • ACUSTRAIN was born in 2020 at the TECNALIA research and technological development centre through its Venture Builder, TECNALIA Ventures, and together with the company specialised in infrastructures and building Becsa (Grupo Simetría).

Bilbao, 21 December 2022. The innovative technology-based company ACUSTRAIN has been acknowledged with the Expansión Start-up 2022 Award as the best company in the Mobility and Smart Cities category. It also won third prize in the Environment and Energy category.

The jury of the awards included Garbiñe Henry, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Deusto Emprende; Javier Jiménez, Managing Director of Lanzadera; Miguel Vicente, President of Tech Barcelona, Marta Martínez, Head of Entrepreneurship, Transformation, and People at CEBEK; José Antonio Aranda, Director of Innovation for Cellnex Telecom; Antonio Durán, Global Innovation Head of Abertis; Laura Gil, Digital Transformation Director of Damm; Gemma Beltrán, Director of CaixaBank “DayOne” and Emprende XXI Awards; and Marta Príncep, CEO of BHV Partners.

Innovative solutions for acoustic comfort in urban environments

ACUSTRAIN provides an innovative solution that responds to a demand not covered by the current market. This solution is estimated to generate business in Spain of over 400 million euros per year.

The start-up aims to improve people's quality of life by improving their acoustic comfort, thus reducing the pathologies caused by noise pollution.

ACUSTRAIN was born from the development of a low acoustic mini-barrier whose objective is to facilitate noise-free and friendly environments for citizens. It thus provides a solution to train noise, a problem that affects 6% of the European population.

This solution is flexible, requires minimal investment, is easy to install, requires no maintenance and, above all, is friendly to the neighbourhood environment as it does not generate visual impact, and is highly effective in terms of sound reduction.


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