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TECNALIA doubles its sales in the international market


Presentation of the 2011 annual figures for TECNALIA

Figures for TECNALIA confirm the wisdom of the decision taken a year ago and ensure a promising future

16th February 2012. In its first year of activity, TECNALIA Research & Innovation has been consolidated as a leading private applied Research Centre in Europe, “which confirms that the merger of eight organisations was a wise move”, according to Chairman, Javier Ormazabal. Today, TECNALIA presents the results for its first year of activity, 2011, a complicated year due to the local and global economic situation.

TECNALIA’s turnover for 2011 amounted to 116 million euros, 64 million of which, or 56%, correspond to revenue from the national and international market whilst the remaining 44% come from strategic research projects partly funded by public authorities.

It must be highlighted that 2011 generated a cash-flow of 9.1 million euros, hence guaranteeing its economic sustainability and the possibility of maintaining its future bids. Within this context, TECNALIA has made investments to the value of 17 million euros, enabling it to increase the quality of its strategic research projects, provide greater added value in the services offered to clients, totalling more than 4,000, and improve its infrastructures and equipment for the benefit of society. The INGRID investment, the first premises in Europe for research into intelligent networks for the electrical equipment manufacturing sector is particularly noteworthy.

Commitment to Globalisation

One of TECNALIA’s strategic lines is globalisation. Throughout 2011, its contracting has gone from 2.9 million in the international market to reach 6.2 million. Nowadays, 10% of TECNALIA’s contracts in the national and global market are international.   

Some examples of international projects:

  • G-PON technology developed by TECNALIA to monitor fibre optic to the home was sold in China, Belgium, Canada and Argentina in 2011; like to USA, Taiwan and Portugal in previous years.
  • Working with Volkswagen in Germany on metal forming projects.
  • Association with the Mexican company, NEMAK, the leading foundry worldwide, in the manufacture of innovative motor blocks.  
  • TECNALIA is a technology partner, alongside LKS, Euskaltel and Astilleros de Bermeo, in the Kemen Group, an export consortium set up in 2011 by Basque constructors Galdiano, Olabarri and Aralan with the aim of competing in international markets.  

This geographical paving of the way for TECNALIA has been possible thanks to its numerous international scientific-technological networks that help accelerate the generation of knowledge and increase its value contribution.

Leadership in European Projects

TECNALIA is among the leading 30 European organisations (companies, universities and research centres), by participation in projects within the 7th EU Framework Programme.

Between 2007 and last year, TECNALIA contracted a total of 229 projects, leading 51 of them.  This has provided an economic return of 86 million euros over four years and makes it the leading private entity in Spain, in terms of participation, returns and leadership of projects.

Participation and leadership in these European projects also offers an opportunity for these companies to work in the global field of R+D+I, as well as with TECNALIA, other leading companies in the sector and world class scientific-technological agents in Europe.

Partly Owned Companies

TECNALIA has backed a total of 28 start-up companies and maintains a stake in 21 of them. These companies are characterised by their dynamism, reaching a turnover of 10 million euros in 2011, compared with 8.7 million in 2010. As a result of this activity, it has increased its workforce by almost 16% over the past year, with respect to 133 employees in 2010.

An example worthy of mention is LUIX, a Smart Illumination company created by TECNALIA, ACR Grupo and Eguzkitan. It markets a smart public lighting system that achieves savings of between 70% and 80% of the energy required in traditional lighting. The system regulates the illumination of streetlamps depending on the people and vehicles in transit in the street at a given moment. 

Forecasts for 2012

Tecnalia faces 2012 responsibly and confidently, with responsibility for almost 1,500 people that form part of TECNALIA and the confidence to be able to incorporate new experts with knowledge in growth areas.

As for turnover, it has set an ambitious objective with a 10% increase over the forthcoming year. 

2011 with names

One of the projects that shows off TECNALIA’s excellence in intelligent and sustainable designs is the elBulli Foundation, the new centre created from what was up to now one of the most famous restaurants in the world, run by Ferrán Adriá. The renowned Spanish chef has entrusted TECNALIA to turn his centre into a worldwide benchmark for technological innovation in sustainable energy, whereby it has state of the art energy efficiency technology to do so. These technologies include smart grids, energy generation, storage, connection, monitoring-control and management.

Another innovative example of working together is with the ner group. The aim of this agreement is for both organisations to co-create business opportunities. It consists of establishing new forms of dialogue between the 21 organisations of the ner group and TECNALIA’s 17 Business Units, by means of cross-working in the activities of both parties.

Another significant initiative in 2011 was its participation in EUSKAMPUS: the Campus of International Excellence that was created as an alliance led by the University of the Basque Country, the Donostia International Physics Centre (DIPC) Foundation and Tecnalia Technology Corporation.

EUSKAMPUS is a project that aims to place the Basque Country in a position of global leadership as regards education, research activities and its capacity for innovation and knowledge transfer.


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