Tecnalia. Inspiring Business

Tecnalia. Inspiring Business

TECNALIA to develop more than 400 research projects for 250 companies in 2012


TECNALIA is the first private R&D&I Company in Spain with 1,500 researchers, 116 million euros of turnover and more than 4,000 clients

TECNALIA Research & Innovation has invited companies, institutions, clients and collaborators to meet in Madrid, for the first time since it was established in January 2011, to show them how it operates on a daily basis so as to achieve its main goal: to transform ideas into GDP through applied research, by generating business opportunities for companies through technology

TECNALIA is the first privately funded applied research & technology organisation in Spain and one of the leading such centres in Europe. In fact, TECNALIA is going to develop more than 400 R&D projects in 2012 with 250 companies in Spain, Europe and the rest of the world. 65% of these companies are SMEs and 35% are large companies.

TECNALIA also collaborates with a small percentage of these companies in “shared risk” projects, in which it will invest nearly 8 million euros this year to develop joint business opportunities.

TECNALIA promotes research as one of the key levers to end the crisis and to make companies internationally competitive, and gives young people solutions to their business needs and job opportunities.

 Day with companies: Inspiring Business

Today TECNALIA will present different initiatives and business opportunities for businesses, with a technology exhibition. It will showcase initiatives that prove to be great challenges to TECNALIA and its clients, in fields of activity such as health, communications, energy, sustainable construction and the factory of the future.

This day also includes five workshops on the main future challenges society faces, in which TECNALIA is involved.

The activities will start with the conference “Why the world will be Co-” by Alfons Cornella, Founder and Chairman of INFONOMIA. TECNALIA is a clear example of a collaborative organisation that seeks to boost business opportunities systematically through the collaboration with other organisations and agents, many of whom will be present at the “Inspiring Day TECNALIA” event.

Research and Results: The reality of business based on research

The technological exhibition today aims to show real cases of business opportunities through products and elements that can be displayed on site.

In the area of Health, TECNALIA presents a device that helps ictus patients with their rehabilitation. It is already being assessed at Hospital Universitari i Politècnic La Fe in Valencia.

In the field of Information and Communication Technologies, a family of products will be presented, which is based on G-PON technology to monitor the optical fibre that gets to people's homes, developed by TECNALIA in collaboration with Telnet-ri, a company from Aragon.

As regards Energy and Environment, a superconducting wind turbine concept will be displayed, to be used offshore. The industrial partner is Acciona.

Concerning Sustainable Construction, an experimental building for a Zero Energy Building configuration will be on display. It is completely modular, flexible and built with the collaboration of 28 companies.

We will also be able to enter the Factory of the Future. TECNALIA will also present the fastest handling industrial robot in the world.

Challenges and Opportunities

One of TECNALIA's features is that it combines global action with local commitment. On one hand, it participates and collaborates with more than 4,000 clients in international R&D initiatives; and on the other, it works closely together with the more local industry, mainly SMEs, in their innovation processes. This includes projects and initiatives with medium-term results, which TECNALIA carries out with all kinds of companies from very different sectors: industry, construction, environment, energy, transport, health, etc.

Today, 16 May, as well as the technological exhibition, five workshops will take place throughout the day. The aim of these workshops is for TECNALIA to work with its clients to identify and find joint business opportunities based on future challenges.

The workshops will be the following: “Urban Intelligence and Ecotechnology”; “The Energy System of the Future”; “Healthy Ageing”; “ICTs: all connected” and “Future Manufacturing Systems”. Experts from TECNALIA and clients or potential clients related to each area of activity will be present at the workshops.

What is Inspiring Business

TECNALIA aims to change radically the ways of transforming knowledge into results. Up until now, technology centres would draft a project based on a pre-defined programme, and then looked for clients for said project. TECNALIA's approach is completely the opposite: it is based on having ideas that help clients and society in general to have a better future; ideas that generate value.

Turning good ideas into tangible realities that generate GDP and that in turn are business opportunities for companies. This is Inspiring Business: giving imaginative, creative, technological solutions that bring real results. A well-balanced combination of inventiveness, audacity, tenacity and effort that produces solutions to society's needs and problems.

In short, we manage to identify and develop business opportunities through applied research.

TECNALIA Research & Innovation in figures

TECNALIA has 1,500 people on staff from 27 countries, 116 million euros of turnover and more than 4,000 clients.

TECNALIA has 22 headquarters all over the world. It is present worldwide with three technology transfer offices in France, Italy and Serbia; four shared innovation centres in Bulgaria, Colombia, Egypt and France; Joint Ventures in Belgium, Mexico and Portugal; as well as a vast network of commercial allies in 23 countries, as well as in Spain.

TECNALIA has also backed a total of 28 start-up companies and maintains a stake in 21 of them. These companies are characterised by their dynamism, and their turnover for 2011 amounted to 10 million euros.


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