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The financial crisis hits TECNALIA reducing its turnover by 4.5%


Despite the fall of the main indicators, compared to the previous year, we maintained the number of clients and increased the number of European projects led by the foundation.

The figures of TECNALIA Research & Innovation show how the crisis has affected the research sector. TECNALIA has not achieved the goals it had set for itself at the beginning of the year 2012, but considering the current situation, its results are "satisfactory".

The crisis, and the resulting suspension or reduction of R&D&I projects in the business world, has been noticed in TECNALIA. The goal for 2012 was to increase turnover by 10%, but the hardships of the crisis have rendered it impossible and, in fact, the turnover has fallen from 115.5 million Euros to 110.1.

Nevertheless, TECNALIA trusts in its many abilities and considers this 4.5% fall as moderate, since the merger strengthened smaller centres that would have suffered even greater difficulties in the current situation. Moreover, it has followed its general costs reduction policy for the second year running. To this we must add the constant effort in the restraint of wages.

However, there are some positive indicators that show that, despite the present environment, TECNALIA continues to be committed to its mission to "Transform R&D&I into GDP". In 2012, TECNALIA maintained its research capacity because they are aware that the knowledge of people cannot get lost and that therein lies the key to overcome this crisis.

But this commitment is also patent in its cautious and brave management, which has allowed for the creation of a cashflow of 5.8 million Euros, maintaining the sustainability and the quality of the service. Another fact that confirms this sustainability are the 5 million Euros that have been invested throughout 2012.

However, the uncertainties of the future are a shadow that is making the entire organisation review each activity and be more prudent in the following years.

The Chairman of TECNALIA, Javier Ormazabal, said "we cannot ignore the crisis that we are all experiencing, companies and administrations alike, but we are also very aware that now we should be more committed than ever to the future and to overcoming these difficulties. We should pursue sustainability, being creative and flexible, but without risking our future as an organisation and as a technology benchmark for over 4,000 companies."

TECNALIA, as its clients, has searched for the way to maintain its activity and ensure viability and financing in other markets. More specifically, contracts in the international markets have grown by 10% with regard to 2011, reaching a total of 7.5 million Euros.

In TECNALIA's opinion, "we are committed to the industry because we should continue to be an industrial country in the future. This is the key to success in this century, as great leaders as Barack Obama or Angela Merkel have pointed out. But competing in international markets with low-cost countries can only be done with a state-of-the-art industry and leading products and production processes, supported by cutting-edge technology. We have the necessary industry and technology base developed throughout the past 25 years."

R&D&I as a key factor in business competitiveness

In 2012, TECNALIA has developed over 400 R&D projects with over 250 companies, mostly SMEs. Of the 110 million Euros invoiced, 53% (58 million) corresponds to income from private markets.

The remaining 47% corresponds to strategic research projectsp  p funded by public administrations, but focusing on private companies.

The 5 million Euros invested in 2012 have allowed TECNALIA to provide over 4,000 clients with comprehensive and strategic solutions that meet the needs of each one of them.

These data endorse that TECNALIA maintains its firm commitment to applied R&D&I and the creation of jobs, companies and competitiveness, thus becoming the ideal partner from the generation of an idea until its transformation into a business.

This responsibility should be shared by our own clients and institutions. We are living in hard economic times that are forcing us to exercise a smart austerity, preserving the R&D&I investments that are necessary to provide companies with the sufficient technological capacity to provide high value-added products in a globalised scenario.

TECNALIA's role in Europe

Since 2007 until 31 December 2012, TECNALIA has entered into contracts for a total of 295 projects, having led 68 of them. Throughout these years, this has meant a financial return of 110 million Euros, making it the first private institution in Spain in participation, returns, and led projects.

The participation in Europe allows TECNALIA to anticipate and be ready for the challenges that society and the business world will have to face in the near future. One of TECNALIA's main features in the European research arena is its role as a driving agent for companies to participate in the development of more competitive products and services.

It is important to highlight that in the comparative analysis conducted with the main European Research Centres (Fraunhofer, VTT, TNO…); TECNALIA tops the list regarding collaboration with companies.

TECNALIA ranks position 19 of all the European public and private organisations (companies, universities and research centres), thanks to its participation in EU 7FP projects, according to the European Research Ranking.

2012 in detail

In 2012, thanks to the organisation resulting from the merger, TECNALIA has been able to address different research challenges in multi-disciplinary projects that could not have been achieved in any other way. Here follow some examples:

  • The Factory of the Future. Or, in other words, our commitment to industry, to the industry of the future, to be able to provide industrial companies with technological breakthroughs to make them profitable when competing against low-cost countries and when the markets are increasingly further away. Thus, TECNALIA brought to Europe the first humanoid robot that works side-by-side with people: HIRO. Today, real applications are being developed alongside with Airbus.

For further information: /es/industria-transporte/notas-prensa/tecnalia-gana-el-premio-factory-of-the-future-de-los-european-manufacturing-awards-2012.htm

  • Offshore Energy. The search of energy sources is a challenge for mankind since the dawn of history, but today our society also requires for it to comply with economical and environmental sustainability parameters. In the field of renewable energy, marine power is one of TECNALIA's strategic commitments. Suprapower strives to reduce the size of wind turbines by 30% and reduce the costs of offshore wind farms by 25%. TECNALIA collaborates in this joint development with Acciona Windpower and Acciona Energía:

For further information: /es/energia-medioambiente/noticias/tecnalia-revolucionara-la-eolica-marina-con-aerogeneradores-mas-pequenos.htm

  • SmartCities. Cities are, without a doubt, the core concentrating most of the population and this creates new problems and situations that we must solve and in which technology plays an essential role. Ecodis will allow for the implementation of "smart cities" solutions to improve energy efficiency, promoting renewable energy and extending the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to the public services in Barakaldo. TECNALIA, together with the city council and a consortium made up by 8 companies of the energy and technological sector (Enerlis, Naturgas, Ferroser, Everis, ZIV, Incoesa, Semantic and Maser) take part in this ambitious project that seeks to provide business opportunities for companies and the creation of new jobs.

For further information:

  • Safety. In cities, in nature, in our own home. Guaranteeing the safety of people is increasing their quality of life. There are different TECNALIA projects in this area, including solutions like Safemountain, developed with Geko Navsat (, to manage the risks of mountaineers during their hikes with simple smartphone applications; or new materials that make transport systems safer, such as SecureMetro (/es/industria-transporte/noticias/mayor-seguridad-en-los-metros.htm).
  • Ageing. TECNALIA develops R&D pursuing to generate products and/or services that maximise the personal freedom, independence, health and quality of life of the elderly and disabled whilst simultaneously generating an economic framework. For example, this year they created a high-quality, comfortable and cheap on-line home assistance service together with the Integrated Social Services.

For further information: /es/salud/noticias/tecnalia-crea-un-servicio-de-cuidado-online-de-calidad-util-y-economico.htm

  • Innovation and Technology Strategy Technology provides new business opportunities for new business initiatives to develop and generate the jobs and wealth that our society needs. FotoIkatz is an example of this, growing its photographic development market to over 5,000 new potential clients, together with TECNALIA, adapting to the new sectorial trends.

For further information:;v=27QIp4psTNw


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