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ELCODE: Smart patch for transdermal drug release



Transdermal drug administration has always been seen as a pain-free, self-administered, and locally-administered solution compared to other methods such as injections or oral administration.

Traditional administration of transdermal drugs (passive patches) still faces some challenges to replace other methods of administration.

To begin with, it cannot maintain the depth of administration, it it at risk of reaching the blood (with secondary complications found in the liver or stomach and dilution of the effect), and it is not as effective in the area to be treated.

On the other hand, its delivery path cannot be controlled and is linear, avoiding personalised treatment to meet the patient's needs. Additionally, the weight of the molecule is key because very heavy molecules cannot penetrate the skin.

Potential Market

Global Market Size Figures:

  • Transdermal drug supply: $ 31.6B (2015) CAGR 12%
  • Supply of medicines via iontophoresis: $ 5B (2017)

We also anticipate an important opportunity in the cosmetics market.

We offer

  • Pre-industrial prototype TRL 6
  • Intellectual Property Protection (EP3421080 and registered industrial design)
  • Patented knowledge of electrode design

We are searching for

  • Licensee
  • Investor
  • Entrepreneur

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Registration No.

Device and method for controlled and monitored transdermal delivery of active agents and use thereof