Structural calculation and fluid-structure interaction

Cálculo estructural e interacción fluido-estructura

We develop more competitive structures by incorporating the most advanced materials and manufacturing processes into new structural systems. Consequently, we are able to achieve structures that are more slender, by adjusting the actions and dynamic response by the fluid-structure interaction through non-linear modelling, and more adaptive and resilient, by detecting pathologies, refurbishing and reinforcing the most aggressive environments.

Our technologies are key to designing, building, operating, preserving and demolishing structures and recovering waste from them:

  • Advanced simulation and mechanics: predictive, real-time, static and dynamic modelling of structural systems and fluid-structure interactions.
  • Topology optimisation: development of algorithms for optimising details and structural products.
  • Construction technologies and systems: development of structural construction systems, modularity and bonding elements.
  • Renovation, conservation and structural reinforcement: development of renovation and structural reinforcement solutions, and measurement and decision-making tools.
  • Structural health monitoring: development of algorithms for detecting damage unsupervised by continuously analysing the structural dynamic response.
  • Auscultation and diagnosis of structures.

We are a renowned partner of engineering and architectural consultancies, manufacturers of construction materials, products and systems, construction companies and infrastructure operators in developing their value proposal, from the design phase to implementation and operation.

External partners

UPV-EHU Escuela de Ingenieros - Dpto de Mecánica
TECNUN - Universidad de Navarra
Universidad Pública de Navarra

International Presence

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Dra. Isabel Rodríguez-Maribona Gálvez

Dra. Isabel Rodríguez-Maribona Gálvez

Directora de Tecnología
Construction materials and products brochure

Construction materials and products brochure

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Transport infrastructures. Creating connections that bring the future closer brochure

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