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Caso de éxito IMQ

“In conjunction with TECNALIA, we develop smart solutions to improve working conditions and the quality of working lives in order to reduce the amount of work-related accidents and occupational diseases”

Nicolás Guerra
IMQ General Manager

“Personalised solutions that improve people’s health”

History of IMQ

IMQ is the leading private healthcare company in the Basque Country. It cares for and accompanies people throughout their lives in something as important as their health.

The customer is the fundamental pillar, whilst innovation, trust and closeness, teamwork, ethics, leadership, solvency, excellence and continuous improvement… are the driving forces by which the company seeks to be identified.

“We live in the era of smartisation, the era of making the workplace more accessible, safer and efficient in order to meet the real needs of society. New tools and evaluation and assessment methodologies are being developed with the help of Gogoa, manufacturer of both industrial and rehabilitation exoskeletons”, according to Nikolás Guerra, Managing Director of IMQ Clinics.

IMQ + TECNALIA Collaboration

In this context of technological progress, IMQ and TECNALIA are collaborating actively on a pioneering project to develop new generations of personalised exoskeletons to prevent straining and musculoskeletal injuries.

We are researching how to effectively personalise and adapt exoskeletons and make them suitable for the person & job, with the aim of developing innovative solutions that have a high socio economic impact.

Exoskeletons and machine learning

Thanks to these improvements, exoskeletons will be able to identify movement patterns, determine the type of task, process smart assistance algorithms and even communicate with an external automatic learning system to predict long-term effects.

And also to create cost-effective technological tools that adapt to the market’s current needs.