3D technology and solutions laboratory

Laboratorio de tecnologías y soluciones 3D

3D technologies and solutions for capturing reality, digitising it and converting it into the virtual world, in order to offer value to companies.

Our value lies in the fact that we are able to tackle multi-technology service projects in which different types of 4.0 technologies are hybridised.



  • 3D digitisation: we use reality capture equipment to digitise assets (parts, machinery, plants, buildings and infrastructures, among others), such as hand scanners, mobile mapping equipment, land-based laser scanners or drones with a multitude of sensors.
  • 3D modelling: we provide 3D modelling services based on 3D data. We use CAD software (BIM, Plant3D, Rhino and SolidWorks) to generate fast, accurate, up-to-date documentation.
  • 3D inspection: we contrast two geometric states or moments of an asset, aligned with each other, to detect any geometric deviations between them. These dimensional deviations are shown either by a 3D colour map of the asset or by cross-sections which show both components being compared. It is very useful for monitoring the evolution of deformations caused by mechanical impacts and corrosion.
  • Digital twin for managing information about assets. We generate a cloud platform for integrating industrial systems where a 3D viewer, with data management and display capabilities, comes together with various APIs to connect to different databases, be they static (document managers of all kinds: Word, Excel, PDF) or dynamic (realtime sensors – SCADAs, predictive maintenance, CMMS and ERPs).

Aimed at:

Agents in the life cycle of assets:

  • Designers.
  • Installers.
  • Construction companies.
  • Maintenance managers.
  • Decommissioning / demolition and recovery managers.
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Catálogo de servicios en edificación y obra civil

Technological services in building and civil works brochure (Spanish)

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