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We help companies increase the performance of their 3D digital applications by supporting them in the choice of technology that delivers value and how to integrate it into the business to improve their bottom line.

On the one hand, 3D Automation of tasks in design tools, seeks to improve business while simplifying the life of technicians.

On the other hand, we use advanced algorithms in artificial vision for Spatial Intelligence, to transform decontextualised 3D data (point clouds) into refined and useful information for business.



  • 3D Automation: 

We believe that Digital Transformation and Technology will break away from traditional processes in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operation (AECO) industry and beyond, moving them into the future and making them far more productive. This future fosters data-driven solutions to help in decision-making, ensuring thatbusinesses are more profitable. 

We foresee this happening through automation, computational design, parametric design and more advanced technologies that will generate higher value, data-driven services.

In line with these concepts, we offer the following services:

    • Computational Design
    • Generative Design
    • Optimisation Tools and Processes
    • 3D Configurators
    • Digital Twins
  • Spatial Intelligence: 

LiDAR and 3D sensing technology, and the result of these processes and technologies, which is the point cloud. We understand that this technology offers the best perspective of the environment (dimensions, shapes, volumes, speeds, paths…), which allows for multiple workflows of great value in several domains.

Point clouds are a 3D deliverable with data in the 3 coordinates (XYZ), but they are only the base, the start, of Spatial Intelligence. The real value of Spatial Intelligence lies in adding 3 properties to this point cloud:

location, i.e. the absolute or relative position on a map; Perception, i.e. gathering accurate information about the environment (dimensions, distance, speed…); and Semantics, giving meaning, understanding the location and perception data.

We offer services that generate value on raw point clouds, both on static point clouds (3D photo) and dynamic point clouds (3D video):

    • Object detection
    • Object tracking

Aimed at:

Agents in the life cycle of assets:

  • Designers.
  • Installers.
  • Maintenance managers.
  • Decommissioning / demolition and recovery managers.
  • Engineering firms.
  • Architecture Studios.
  • Building managers.
  • Infrastructure Managers.
  • Road Maintenance Companies.
  • Industrial Managers.
  • ITS Technology Integrators.
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