Advanced casting pilot plant for ferrous and non-ferrous casting process and product development

Planta piloto fundición avanzada para desarrollo de procesos y productos de fundición férreos y no férreos

Pilot casting plant with the capacity to manufacture steel, cast iron, aluminium, zamak and magnesium parts by sand casting and gravity die casting.


The pilot plant has equipment for:

  • Manufacturing sand moulds:
    • Using a turbomixer, resins and catalysts. PET-set process.
    • Max. semi-mould weight: 500 kg.
    • Capacity: 8 tonnes/ hour.
  • Manufacturing cast iron parts using the gravity method:
    • Sand casting.
    • Gravity die casting.
    • Materials: steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper alloys, zamak.
    • Finishing of cast parts.
    • Shotblasting procedure.
    • In-plant equipment.
  • Tilting fusion furnace (aluminium):
    • Electrical resistance heating.
    • Capacity: 100 kg aluminium.
  • Tilting electric induction furnaces:
    • There are 2 tanks of 1 tonne and 0.5 tonne for melting metal. (steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper etc.).
    • Characteristics: 300 kW VIP Power Track 10R 1000 Hz 6 pulse
    • Temperature: up to 1,600 ºC.
  • 50 kW induction furnace:
    • It is made up of 2 parts. A fixed crucible and an interchangeable crucible. Casting of aluminium, steel, cast iron, tin, magnesium, zamak.
    • Capacity: 10 – 20 kg.
  • Sand turbomixer:
    • It processes sand together with resins and catalysts to make sand moulds and gravity die casting. PET-set process.
    • Capacity: 8 tonnes / hour.
  • Shotblaster:
    • Make: ALJU. Model: Junior 800.
    • It is used to give a surface finish to cast parts.

Aimed at:

  • Foundries, metal industry, mould makers.
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