Autonomous driving platform vehicles for autonomous driving algorithm development

Vehículos plataforma de conducción autónoma para desarrollo de la algoritmia de conducción autónoma

Two automated vehicles fitted with sensors for positioning and detecting obstacles, and with actuators for steering and pedals.

Some of the functionalities implemented are overtaking, platooning and trajectory tracking, reaching speeds of up to 60 km/h in fully automated mode.


These are two fully equipped and automated Renault Twizy vehicles capable of reaching 80 km/h. They are used for validating the architecture of 6 blocks (acquisition, perception, communications, decision, control and action).

In addition to the implemented functionalities of overtaking, platooning and trajectory tracking, the automated vehicles’ other functionalities are road junction and roundabout management, risk analysis and shared control.

They also have a satellite navigation system combined with an inertial navigation system (GNSS/INS), for measuring movement, position and direction. We use different sensors for detecting obstacles: LiDAR, cameras, and lasers

These platforms make it possible to validate all of the functionalities and algorithms under real conditions for a high degree of automation (levels 2, 3 and 4, in accordance with the SAE J3016 standard), which are then taken to the platforms of our customers and project partners.

Aimed at:

  • Vehicle manufacturers, fleet managers, logistics companies, ports, military vehicles, public and goods transport.

Automotive industry brochure (Spanish)

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Robotics for advanced manufacturing brochure

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