Human factors and user experience (HF&UX) laboratory

Laboratorio de Factores Humanos y Experiencia de Usuario (HF&UX)

Laboratory for carrying out research into human behaviour and user experience, using various physiological sensors and monitoring technologies.


By analysing contextual, biometric, cognitive (attention, memory, engagement), emotional and other types of metrics, it is possible to analyse human behaviour in the real world and take decisions on the design of products or services.

Our mission is to carry out research on user experiences. Applying neuroscience in a practical and reliable way can open up new fields of application.

Our laboratory has the means to carry out studies by synchronising devices and stimuli and getting to know users, their needs, motivations, interests and behaviour better. With this information, it is possible to generate ideas, design interfaces and analyse new interactions, as well as develop innovative interactive products and/or services adapted to the needs of each person.

The laboratory is equipped with:

  • A lightweight wearable system for monitoring the electroencephalogram in real time..
  • Biosensors for measuring sweat and pulse.
  • Eye-tracking systems.
  • Indoor location systems that help neuroscience to be applied in fields such as neuromarketing, industry, education and health, among others.

Aimed at:

  • Research on neuroscience.
  • Marketing departments and neuromarketing studies.
  • Interface and audiovisual developers.
FH&UX Lab brochure

FH&UX Lab brochure

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