Nano-cellulose laboratory

Laboratorio de nano-celulosa

Pilot plant that improves the capabilities of the technological line for “obtaining and modifying (nano-)cellulose fibres”, which will make it possible to enhance applied R&D and innovation activities and develop new industrial property assets, such as those already developed within the technological line of bio-based materials, called INACELL and OLEOCELL.


The new facility for producing micro- and nano-cellulose has various fibre processing units that include chemical and/or enzymatic treatment, conditioning, filtering and micro- and nano-fibrillation, connected by an automated pumping system and is capable of producing 1-2 kg of cellulose per batch.

The plant makes it possible to develop and offer the market, among others, the product line of “cellulose fibres, microfibres and nanofibres”, including both their manufacture and functionalisation. This line of development is aimed at developing new materials with a high bio-product content.

Specifically, the pilot plant will make it possible to work on the following lines of development:

  • Obtaining micro- and nano-cellulose fibre from all types of lignocellulosic material (wood, annual plants, recycled paper, cotton…), including industrial by-products (sludge, rejects, etc.)
  • Chemical and enzymatic treatments for obtaining functional micro- and nano-cellulose fibres (hydrophobicity, fireproofing, mechanical strength, barrier properties, etc.)
  • Development of new materials based on micro- and nano-cellulose fibres, for use in intensive sectors (paper, packaging, construction, automotive, paint, etc.), and in others with very high added value (biomedical, pharmaceutical, batteries, electronics by 3D printing, etc.)

Aimed at:

  • Pulp and paper manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of cellulose-based packaging (moulded cellulose, paper and cardboard)
  • Companies that generate lignocellulosic waste (panel manufacturers, plywood manufacturers, sawmills, etc.)
  • Manufacturers of textiles based on lignocellulosic materials
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