Laboratory service

Inspection of highway, railway and hydraulic tunnels

Inspección de túneles carreteros, ferroviarios e hidráulicos

We carry out inspections in highway, railway and hydraulic tunnels.

We have extensive experience in this type of inspections.

We have been accredited as a Tunnel Inspection Body for Bizkaia (OITB) since 2008, having inspected more than 80 tunnels in this period: AP15 Gipuzkoa, Mongrós Tunnel, Guadarrama Tunnel, San Marcial Tunnel, etc.


  • Approval audits of road tunnels in the planning, project, construction monitoring, end of works, commissioning and service in superstructure systems (power supply, lighting, ventilation and fire protection), with respect to the European Directive and Foral Decree 135/2006, of 23rd August on Road Tunnel Safety and Foral Decree 91/2012, of 24th April on Safety and Operating Technical Instructions.
  • Performance of tests to verify the functioning of equipment.
  • Support and guidance on emergency drills with external agents.
  • Drafting of safety auditing procedures.

Equipment Tests

  • Power supply, lighting and ventilation tests.
  • Drain leakage tests and fire protection tests.
  • Anemometer calibration tests.
  • High-powered clean hot smoke tests to assess ventilation protocols.

Aimed at:

  • Public Administrations
  • Tunnel Owners and Operators
  • Engineering Firms and Construction Companies.

Accreditations and Certifications

Organismo de Inspección de Túneles de Bizkaia (OITB) desde 2008
Tunnel inspection authority for Bizkaia (OITB), since 2008
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