Laboratory service

Meteorological forecasting and monitoring

Predicción y seguimiento meteorológicos

We are experts in the use of numerical and statistical tools to provide the appropriate meteorological and climate information for business and social purposes.

We provide operational surveillance and forecasting, designing and maintaining early warning systems, providing detailed information for the adaptation to climate change: air quality, hydrology, etc.


We provide the following meteorological and climatological observation, analysis and information services:

  • Surveillance and monitoring services (24×7).
  • Support in decision-making related to meteo-climate risks.
  • Numerical and statistical modelling.
  • Development of software tools to use meteo-climate and environmental information.
  • Technical guidance and studies / reports.
  • Consultancy in operational meteorology and climate.
  • Broadcasting and social media (TV, radio, press, twitter, etc..).


We have the following tools for this purpose:

  • Analysis and nowcasting.
  • Short and medium term forecasting.
  • Long term seasonal forecasting.
  • User-oriented forecasting (dynamic management of networks, traffic, etc.).
  • Maritime forecasting.
  • Environmental surveillance and monitoring.
  • Adverse meteorology early warning systems.
  • Support in decision-making.
  • Environmental analysis and forecasting.
  • Data management, analysis and cleansing.
  • Remote sensing (analysis and processing of satellite information, radars, etc.)
  • Climate downscaling / scenarios.
  • Broadcasting, communication and social media.

Aimed at:

  • Public Bodies (emergencies, traffic, environment, etc.)
  • Private companies that may be affected by meteorological incidents (traffic management, logistics, maintenance, airports, etc.)
  • Private companies whose business contemplates meteorological forecasting (renewable energies, thermal plants, etc.)