Artificial intelligence in the "La Mecánica del Caracol" podcast on Radio Euskadi

21 June 2024

“The podcast episode delves into critical issues related to AI security and ethical considerations”.

Our colleagues, Sergio Gil-López and Javier del Ser, technology experts, share their thoughts on the growing global concern about the security of artificial intelligence systems in the "La Mecánica del Caracol" radio podcast on Radio Euskadi

Hosted by the renowned technology journalist, Eva Caballero Domínguez, the episode delves into the critical issues related to AI security and ethical considerations in the development and implementation of modern AI technologies.

Following the second AI summit held recently in South Korea, Sergio and Javier analyse the risks associated with misuse or errors in AI systems, as well as concepts and perspectives related to this technology.

Among the issues addressed in the episode are the unreliability of AI systems, the possibility of misuse and the mistakes they can make. International initiatives to regulate the use of AI, such as the creation of AI security institutes, and the adoption of regulations to ensure transparency and security in the use of these systems are also discussed.

Challenges in Artificial Intelligence Security