Augmented Reality Platform: Industry 5.0 in SMEs

9 February 2023
Foto SHOP4CF Industria 5_0 en Pymes

Industry 5.0 in SMEs

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are being integrated into industry's work routines in order to improve its maintenance services. To promote their use and accessibility, TECNALIA has launched a platform for SMEs across Europe, which will use these technologies to facilitate the work of operators through the exchange of data in a connected and efficient way, thus promoting Industry 5.0.

Leap towards digitalisation

Thanks to this innovative platform, industrial companies are making the leap to digitalisation, as the use of simulated environments offers more information and better learning for the employee. TECNALIA is currently applying its developments based on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in two European companies: Siemens in Germany and Arcelik in Turkey.

In the specific case of Siemens, Augmented Reality is being used to create manuals to help operators in the assembly of gearboxes. This assembly is carried out in collaboration with a robotic arm so that humans and robots work together to perform different tasks. The tool developed by TECNALIA helps define the manual and facilitates communication with the robot through the FIWARE application, which enables the tasks to be synchronised between the robot and the worker, making the tasks smoother and more efficient.

Arcelik is using augmented reality to provide tele-care functions. Therefore, operators can resolve issues related to the manufacture of washing machine drums. Two workers, located in different places, can see the same thing through a mobile phone or tablet and share instructions using augmented reality

Industry 5.0

All this represents a great opportunity for the industrial sector. Thanks to its experience, TECNALIA has helped hundreds of industrial companies on their path towards digital transformation, becoming their technological partner on this path.

If you are an industrial company seeking to embark on the path towards Digital Transformation and Industry 5.0, contact our expert staff using the contact form on our website.