Companies implement digital transformation in their processes to be more competitive in the marketplace

10 September 2021
Las empresas implementan la transformación digital en sus procesos para ser más competitivas en el mercado

Within TECNALIA’s i4.0 Model, based on eight areas, it can be seen how some are more influential over the rest, while others are more sensitive to evolution.

In an article published in Metalindustria, TECNALIA employee Manu Pedrero has carried out an analysis of how detailed knowledge about i4.0 is rapidly increasing, and how the needs of companies are concentrated along very clear lines that need to be adapted in each case. In addition, the appraisal of new projects and their funding requires new criteria to feed into the transformation process.

The situation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has led a lot of companies to rethink their current situation with different criteria and benchmarks than those used 18 months ago. All sectors need to find new ways to improve manufacturing processes and achieve their objectives, which have also changed.

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