Data use survey; AI4ES Network of Excellence

19 July 2022
Encuesta para AI4ES

“TECNALIA offers its knowledge in these areas, together with the technology centres ITI, CTIC and EURECAT”

The results of the survey will enable the network to obtain a diagnosis of the current situation and to undertake collaborative initiatives

AI4ES is a network of excellence in data-driven enabling technology that was created with the vision of becoming a Spanish benchmark for research, development and transfer of digital technologies that allow smart processing and analysis of data; cloud computing, big data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Data-driven economy and artificial intelligence

The aim of AI4ES is to boost data-driven economy and artificial intelligence in Spain; to facilitate the transfer of capabilities, results and technologies to the production fabric, providing innovative solutions and services.

This survey is being launched with the challenge of identifying the level of adoption of technologies connected with data use; management, advanced analytics, visualisation, etc. The project also aims to enable the participating companies to detect needs and market trends among companies in Spain.

Data use survey

The results of the survey will provide the network with a diagnosis of the current situation and to undertake collaborative initiatives between the network centres and businesses, aimed at improving the transferability potential of the AI4ES results.

The network will be able to adapt its activity to the real state of data maturity, and contribute in an optimal way to the development of a Spanish data-driven economy that increases the competitiveness of companies now and in the future.

All companies are encouraged to take part, whatever their data processing maturity. If you are interested, you can access the survey here.

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